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Lodge Chief: Travis Militello  
Lodge Advisor: Jamie Prowse 716-319-8414
Lodge Staff Advisor: Greg Voyzey 716-512-6208
Chapter Chief-Falling Waters: John Sosnowski  
Chapter Chief - Onondaga: Chris Krull  
Chapter Chief - Seneca: Tyler Simkins  

Lodge Officers
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2014 Spring Ordeal Induction & Service Weekend
Registration deadline is one week before weekend chosen
Cost for Regular Members $15.00 (walk-ins $20.00)           Choose Two weekends and Pay ONLY $24.00

Camp Stonehaven May 2nd - 4th (Falling Waters Chapter - Polaris District)
Camp Scouthaven June 13th – 15th (Seneca Chapter – Red Jacket District)
Schoellkopf Scout Reservation June 13th – 15th (Onondaga Chapter & District)

New members attending an induction weekend for the first time to be inducted into the Order of the Arrow MUST pay by mail or in person at the council service center using the registration form that was mailed to their house. THERE IS NO ONLINE REGISTRATION AVAILABLE FOR NEW INDUCTEES.

Member Registration Form >

Brotherhood Candidate Registration Form >

Online Registration Links:

A Storm is Brewing
The Section NE-3A Conclave is coming and we will be ready! May 30-June 1, 2014
Arrowmen from across the region will converge on Camp Scouthaven for a weekend of fun, training, and fellowship;
That’s right we’re the host.
We desperately need your participation in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. We will need many hands helping to make this event successful. Contact your Chapter or Lodge officers to learn how you can help.
  2. We want a full contingent of our newest members to attend Conclave as participants. Register yourself and encourage at least 1 of your fellow Brothers to join you.

To register, complete the below form and return it WITH A BSA ANNUAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL RECORD to:

Order of the Arrow
Greater Niagara Frontier Council
2860 Genesee St.
Buffalo, NY 14225-3131

There is no online registration. You must fill out the paper forms and submit them to the Council Service Center by the appropriate dates.
Registration Form>  Must be submitted to the Council Service Center by April 2, 2014
Annual Health and Medical Record >
Late Registration Form>  Must be submitted to the Council Service Center by May 1, 2014

The Falling Waters Chapter Lean-to & Shelter Project at Camp Stonehaven


Information about Project
Artist Rendering of Lean-To
Fundraising Renderings
Site Map of Project

Donate to this Fund Raiser

Photographs of the site & construction of Ganosote Lean-to.

Photographs of the construction of Tuscarora Lean-to.

Lodge Event Refund Policy
Refunds MAY be available for payments made for Lodge events providing that proper written notification is made to the Advisor of the event or a member of the Lodge Key 3 based upon the following schedule.....more

Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge's 2009-2010 Where To Go Camping Guide

Nomination of Officers Form
If you have ever considered further service to your Lodge, you can fill out the Nomination of Lodge Officers Form.  Please submit the completed form to any Lodge Officer by the February LEC meeting.

Founders Award
Nominations for the Founder's Award must be submitted no later then the December LEC

Vigil Nomination Form
Vigil Nomination Form - Completed forms are due at the May LEC meeting.

Learn More About the OA at the Jumpstart Website
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Official web site for Section 3A of the Northeast region

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