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Lodge Chief: Alexander Saad  
Lodge Adviser: Larry Jones 716.912.9640
Lodge Staff Adviser: Dick Hanaburgh 716.512.6219
Chapter Chief-Falling Waters: Sebastian Bodkin  
Chapter Chief - Onondaga: Zachery Wheeler  
Chapter Chief - Seneca: Gabe Lucus  

Lodge Officers
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Lodge Banquet and Annual Meeting
Bowmansville Fire Hall: March 4, 2017 . . . more

Lodge Broomball
Nicholas School Ice Rink: Marc 10, 2017 . . . more

Camp Stonehaven Clean-up
From Ranger Jerry Sullivan III
I would like to express my greatest appreciation to members of the order of the arrow and members from troops 618, 824 and 829 who came out to camp Saturday morning and spent 3 hours cleaning up the mess in the back of camp. We completely filled a 30yd dumpster.

A total of 43 people helped putting in a little over 100 hours of service.

The road is still closed waiting for closer inspecting for nails and awaiting to see if we can cover the road with asphalt millings to give a barrier for anything left on the road.

Vigil Class of 2016
Vigil Class of 2016
Left-Right, Standing: Mike Stewart, Bob Zink, Hank Stopinski
Left-Right. Seated: Ben Kulwanoski, Ethan Bommer, Zach Wheeler

Lodge Event Refund Policy
Refunds MAY be available for payments made for Lodge events providing that proper written notification is made to the Adviser of the event or a member of the Lodge Key 3 based upon the following schedule.....more

Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge's 2009-2010 Where To Go Camping Guide

Nomination of Officers Form
If you have ever considered further service to your Lodge, you can fill out the Nomination of Lodge Officers Form.  Please submit the completed form to any Lodge Officer by the February LEC meeting.

Founders Award
Nominations for the Founder's Award must be submitted no later then the December LEC

Vigil Nomination Form
Vigil Nomination Form - Completed forms are due at the May LEC meeting.

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