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NOAC 2018 Registration

NOAC 2018 at Indiana University registration is here!!!
As you may have heard, OA National has recently announced preliminary registration details for the 2018 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC). Held only once every three years, NOAC is a massive OA event that brings OA members from across the globe to participate in fun activities, education, sports, competitions, patch trading and much more. NOAC 2018 will be no different, anticipated to bring over 8,000 Arrowmen to Indiana University July 30th - August 4th, 2018. Registration is $525 - this DOES NOT YET INCLUDE travel costs and otherNOAC 2018 fees as added by National, Council or the Lodge.

Due to size limitations set by National on the number of people we can send to NOAC 2018 (18 youth and 5 adults) the Lodge has had to set eligibility criteria in order to prioritize attendance to those members that have demonstrated consistent commitment to serving the Lodge, their Chapter, the Council, the Districts and the Council Camps. We will be petitioning National for more attendee slots but there is no guarantee that additional slots will be provided to us.

To help prioritize attendee requests, we have created a NOAC 2018 Attendance Request form that must be completed to be eligible to attend NOAC 2018 with the Lodge contingent. Beginning Monday September 11th, the Lodge will start accepting these applications for consideration. We anticipate a large interest in attending so there is likely to be a waiting list - the more requirements you meet and the quicker you complete your form will determine your position on that list.

We are all looking forward to being back at NOAC in 2018

The Lodge Officers and Advisers

For further information or questions: NOAC@oalodge159.org

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