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Youth Officers
Lodge Chief Connor Gilmartin
Lodge Vice Chief-Service Sebastian Bodkin
Lodge Vice Chief-Program Nick Sullivan
Lodge Secretary/Training Chair Conrad Swanson
Communications Chair open
Lodge Treasure James Greene
Lodge Conclave Vice Chief Alexander Saad
Falling Waters Chapter Chief Stephen Stouter
Onondaga Chapter Chief Lucas Seeley
Seneca Chapter Chief Gabe Lucas
Activities Chair Patrick Stouter
Camp Promotions Chair Brandon Blatz
Ceremonies Co-Chair Patrick Stouter
Ceremonies Co-Chair Patrick Stouter
Elangomat Chair Cameron Williams
Elections Chair Open
Membership Chair Open
Nominations Chair Open
OA Troop Rep Coordinator Open
Photographer/Historian Chair Joel Scime
Trading Post Chair Ben Bodkin
Past Lodge Chief Alexander Saad

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Adult Officers
Supreme Chief of the Fire Russell Etzenhouser 716.891.4073
Lodge Staff Adviser Dick Hanaburgh 716.512.6219
Lodge Adviser Eric Militello 716.625.4216
Lodge Assoc. Adviser-Service Rick Tornow 716.548.0272
Lodge Assoc. Adviser-Program Scott Swagler 716.773.8056
Treasury Adviser Dan Andrzejewski 716.681.3799
Secretary/Training Adviser Ron Krawczyk 716.435.5083
Falling Waters Chapter Adviser Dennis Gilmartin 716.835.2444
Onondaga Chapter Adviser Lisa Seely 716.574.0127
Seneca Chapter Adviser Michael Simkins 716.633.7973
Activities Adviser Vacant  
Camp Promotions Adviser Vacant  
Ceremonies Adviser Gerry Robert 716.684.3753
Communications Adviser Rick Hanes 716.780.7407
Elangomat Adviser Robert Zink 716.822.6067
Elections Adviser Jeff Wagner 716.834.6162
Lodge Conclave Vice Chief Adviser Ginny Conway 716.632.0884
Membership Adviser Justin Sherman 716.837.0999
Nominations Adviser Dirk Norwich 585.380.2751
Nominations Adviser Jerry Sullivan III 716.353.5813
OA Troop Rep Adviser Timothy Nowak 716.632.3265
Photographer/Historian Adviser Lou Saad 716.481.2315
Trading Post Adviser Joshua Maryniewski 716.602.9325

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